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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tournament Time Live?

Tournament Time Live! is your one-stop-shop for hosting sports tournaments on the web!

With decades of refinement, our "Tournament Time" desktop software helps you create enjoyable tournaments that conform to all the rules of your chartering organization. It handles creating an printing Single & Double Elimination Brackets, with or without a qualifying round of pool-play games, making it easy to manage complicated tournaments from your desktop computer.

Now, we are working on providing the easiest way to publish your tournament on the World Wide Web, and creating powerful tools to help you to manage its progress and to stay in touch with all the participants.

Join our team, and start hosting your tournaments on the easy, yet powerful Tournament Time Live! website!

Tournament Time Live! Features

  • 24/7 access to your tournament
  • Enter game results online... even using your iPhone or Android!
  • Pool Standings are Automatically Calculated
  • Managed* advancement of pool leaders into the brackets
  • Teams advance automatically as bracket games are completed

* - You control how pool leaders are caclulated, and you choose when the pool standings are final, and the placing teams can be advanced into the championship tournament.

Why should I use Tournament Time Live?

Keep everybody on the same page:

Generate excitement around your tournament by reporting results quickly and easily!

Have better communication with Coaches, Players and Spectators about who will be playing and where.

Generate revenue by selling advertisements to sponsors on your public tournament page (* "Go Pro!" account required)

How does it work?

Sign up here for a free Tournament Time Live! account.

Generate and refine your tournament with "Tournament Time" desktop software.

Go to the "Web" tab in Tournament Time's "League Explorer" window, and Click "Publish to Tournament Time Live!"

Follow the directions to design and upload your tournament.

You have complete personal access to your tournament

When you're ready to Publicise your tournament, mark your tournament to be "Public" and start making known your tournament!

Promote your sponsors with banner ads down the right side of your tournament pages (* "Go Pro!" account required)

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